Rambler Vs. Rumbler

This exhibition features social and campus issues which past students found important enough to comment on and speak against. It featurs the student-run newspaper, The Rambler and the subversive newspaper known as The Rumbler.


The official Rosemont College school newspaper, dubbed The Rambler (currently taking a hiatus), has an exceptionally rich history with its first issue published on March 25,1931 and its most recent issue in May of 2013. The Rambler has seen some things- reporting on global events such as World War II, and Vietnam, as well as the early victories of the beloved Rosemont Woman’s Basketball Team. The Rambler covered all areas of interest in the Rosemont community and kept everyone who was interested in these issues engaged with the thoughts and opinions of the women in this environment.


The Rumbler subversive newspaper is not the antithesis to the Rambler per se, but rather a reaction to it. First printed in 1968, submissions to the Rumbler addressed and agreed with topics that the Rambler published, and argued against others as well. This unconventional means of communication gave students an uncensored avenue to speak out against the conventional way of thinking. In an era of continual change, these voices cried out to challenge the accepted view of the world around them. 



Travis Staples, Intern Fall 2015