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College Presidents


This permanent exhibition provides a brief history of the leaders of Rosemont College, from it's foundress Mother Maries Joseph Dalton, to the current President Sharon Latchaw Hirsh.


Want to know more about the presidents of Rosemont College? Contact the archives at and set up an appointment to learn more.

Rosemont During Christmas

Penny Toss_1950s.jpg

Christmases Past at Rosemont

Rosemont College is a campus steeped in tradition, especially around the holidays. This exhibit showcases beautiful images of Christmases past at Rosemont, and a look at traditions which we still practice today.

This online exhibit includes images from the 1940s and 1950s showing students at the Penny Toss at Main Building, Christmas carolers, as well as Christmas cards from the College, and a small portion of our collection of santons from France.

This exhibition is no longer active, but be sure to check out the dispaly case on the main floor of the Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library, where you find new and changing exhibtions featuring items from our collection in the Rosemont College Archives.


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Rosemont Anniversaries 2016

In 2016, Rosemont College is celebrating 6 anniversaries!

1891 … 125 years

Rathalla, now known as Main Building, is completed as the country seat for Mr. Joseph Francis Sinnott and family. The name Rathalla is Gaelic for “Home of the chieftain upon the highest hill”. The building and grounds would be later purchased by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus with the purpose of becoming a women’s college.

1921 … 95 years

Rosemont College officially opens its doors and is at first called the Holy Child College for Women. A year later when the college was incorporated by the Commonwealth of PA as Rosemont College of the Holy Child Jesus, its name as we know it today.

1926 … 90 years

Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library is completed. All of the books are housed in one room, now called the Front Reading Room, and a chapel was set up in the basement – where the rolling stacks are set today. Additions were made to the building in later years.

1931 … 85 years  

The Rambler is introduced as the College’s official student newspaper.

1941 … 75 years

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is completed. Previously students celebrated mass in Main Building and in the basement of the Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library.

1956 … 60 years

Cardinal Hall is completed as an all campus dining facility. Previous to its completion resident students ate in the first floor of Mayfield, while commuters ate in “The Tea House” – a small building no longer in existence. At first, the building was only called “The Dining Hall” until the name was changed to Cardinal Hall in 1958 in memory of Denis Cardinal Dougherty, Archbishop of Philadelphia, and a strong supporter of the Society of the Holy Child.

1961 … 55 years

Alumnae Hall is completed to replace the “Old Gym” that had been erected in 1924 and to further operate as an activities building for students’ use.


Buildings & Grounds at Rosemont College


Rosemont's 56 acres campus is home to twelve buildings that serve the needs of its students, faculty, and administration. Main Building, originally called Rathalla, is the oldest on campus.  It was built in 1891, by the Sinnott family who owned the property until it was sold to the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus in 1921 for the site of Rosemont College. Over the years, Rosemont's campus has continued to grow and change with time to best serve the needs of the community.

Want to know more about the buildings on Rosemont Campus? Contact the archives at and set up an appointment to learn more.

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Rosemont College During WWII

Early 1940s.JPG

When the United States entered the war in 1942, the students of Rosemont College banded together in a variety of war relief programs which included the selling of Bonds and Stamps and training for service in the Red Cross. Here is a sampling of the activities during the war years.


Rambler Vs. Rumbler


This exhibition features social and campus issues which past students found important enough to comment on and speak against. It featurs the student-run newspaper, The Rambler and the subversive newspaper known as The Rumbler.


The official Rosemont College school newspaper, dubbed The Rambler (currently taking a hiatus), has an exceptionally rich history with its first issue published on March 25,1931 and its most recent issue in May of 2013. The Rambler has seen some things- reporting on global events such as World War II, and Vietnam, as well as the early victories of the beloved Rosemont Woman’s Basketball Team. The Rambler covered all areas of interest in the Rosemont community and kept everyone who was interested in these issues engaged with the thoughts and opinions of the women in this environment.


The Rumbler subversive newspaper is not the antithesis to the Rambler per se, but rather a reaction to it. First printed in 1968, submissions to the Rumbler addressed and agreed with topics that the Rambler published, and argued against others as well. This unconventional means of communication gave students an uncensored avenue to speak out against the conventional way of thinking. In an era of continual change, these voices cried out to challenge the accepted view of the world around them. 


Music's Place at Rosemont

Coffe House Poster.jpg

The students and staff at Rosemont College, since it’s inception, have time and time again been brought together through a common interest in performing and listening to music. The campus has been host to a number of notable names in the musical world and has provided students with the opportunity of expressing their musical talents through various student/staff run clubs and activities. 

Rosemont Mascot

The Rambler October 1983

Although Rosemont College did not first officially adopt mascot until 1988, various icons represented the school from the 1930s. Interestingly, the mascot representation often overlapped and continued rather than replacing one another. This exhibit takes a decade-by-decade approach introducing each new emblem of the college as it appeared.

History Harvest


The Rosemont College History Harvest is a project to gather digital photographs of historical artifacts from the Rosemont community.  Undergraduates in the digital humanities course are conducting this project during the Spring 2022 semester as part of the Centennial Celebration.  We hope to use this memorabilia to tell the story of Rosemont College from many different perspectives.  Our History Harvest invites people to share their historical artifacts, and the accompanying stories, for inclusion in a digital exhibit.

Founder's Day 2022


Documenting Founders Week
Sunday, April 3rd 2022-Friday 8th 2022